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No more expensive, recurring contracts to keep your citations live. With our service you own your citations. Linkzo gives you better local rankings with no recurring fees.

The local directory submission service from us consists of 100% manual work to get your URL listed on relevant local directories. Your business details are submitted patiently submitting as per instructions provided in these local business directories.

No business owner can submit them without losing a ton of time. That’s why we are here to help you and get you listed on business directories that will increase your traffic, links, and ranking.

Features of Our
Local Directory Listing Service

High Quality Directories

Submissions to 15-350 High quality local directories.

No Duplicates

We always check for if your business is already listed on a site, before creating new citations to avoid creating duplicates.

Awesome Results

Get high class business directory listings that provide you with traffic, backlinks, trust, PR and SERP boosts.

                       Interested in our pricing? Check out our Pricing Page.  

Frequently asked question

Once you place an order with us, we will send you a note with a delivery date. Typically, it takes 5 business days.

We need the basics: business address, phone, name, website URL. We may ask you for a couple more info, but as long as you have the basics we can start working.


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